City Park at Cove of Nantucket

UPDATE:Our ad-hoc park committee, Bernita Clark, Laurel Hargis, Jerrod Land and Gay Dunn would like you to contact them to share your thoughts on the request we are making for parking along Parkland Drive on the park property and ideas about park upgrades.Some things we would like for you to think about and give your input is: lights in the park, benches along the path in the park, undergrowth trimmed to decrease risk of fire, soil improvement.Please provide your input for your voice on this is important.            From discussion held at the annual meeting on 1/26/17 there was interest in seeing if the City of College Station would consider installing or working with us to install some parking material which would allow our residents to park on the grounds without messing up the appearance at the Cove of Nantucket Park.  A meeting has been set up with the Parks Director, David Schmitz this Friday, 2/10 at 1:30pm. Several board members will be attending and one resident. We would like to see if we can get one or two more to attend.This meeting is to open conversation and no decisions will be made putting the Cove of Nantucket HOA at any financial responsibly at this time.