Thank you to the Coughrans

One of the best things about living in the Cove of Nantucket is the neighbors who show they care about our little community and extend a helping hand to each other. Joe and Jeany Coughran and Joanna Barnes are three of the best. We thank them for their long term, consistent contributions to our community. The trio has walked the subdivision and surrounding area daily for three years, picking up extraneous trash to help keep our community tidy. During the construction phase of our development, a lot of trash was scattered by workers. That didn’t discourage them from consistently working the area. During the three years they have been a part of the Cove, they have offered advice and a helping hand to neighbors who need a little help. From advice on dealing with barn swallows to assisting a neighbor with a broken gate, they have been willing to help when needed.The efforts of neighbors like Joe, Jeany and Joanna make the Cove a great place to live, and we appreciate them.