What is the policy for trash containers?

Trash containers must be stored where it is not visible from any street, common area or lot.

How do I submit a request to the ARC?

Final plans and specifications must be submitted to the Architecture Review Committee prior to the construction of any improvements on an Estate. The ARC Request Form must be filled out and sent to [email protected] along with all plans and specifications of the improvement you are wanting to do. Once it is submitted, it will be sent to the ARC board to be approved or denied. Once a decision is made, the ARC will get back to you. According to CCR 12.02, "...in the event the Committee approves plans and specifications for any improvement and construction of such improvement  is not commenced within one (1) year after the date of such approval, such improvement shall not be constructed unless and until the plans and specifications for such improvement are resubmitted to and approved by the Committee."

Who plants trees and provides lawn service in our area?

Landscapers that work in our area and are familiar with our CCRs requirement. Please see the attached document for more information.

These local companies are known to provide quality tree planting and removal services. We also have the Texas Tree Planting Guide provided by the Texas Forest Service that you might find helpful in selecting a new tree for your yard.

If you have used another company and would like to add them to the list for your neighbors, please email name of company, person to contact and the contact number to [email protected] and we will add them to the list.

Who do I contact if a street light is out?

Street lights are owned and maintained by the City of College Station Utilities department. Please visit the City of College Station website to report the issue here.

Who do I contact about a traffic light issue, street drainage concern, or parking concern?

Please visit the City of College Station website here to report a concern regarding parking, street drainage or traffic lights.

Who do I contact for service issues that fall in the City of College Station's jurisdiction?

If  you have a service issue that falls under The City of College Station’s jurisdiction, please click the link below to submit a request.


Can I have a garage sale?

The HOA has no restrictions on garage sales, we request that you do not place signage on street signs, stop signs or light post. Any signs need to be removed by the end of the day. Please see the link regarding the City of College Station's Code of Ordinances on Garage Sales. Click here to see the City of College Station code ordinance.

Who do I contact about animal & noise complaints?

Please see the attachment below. Thank you!

Noise & Animal Complaints

What do I have to do to repair or replace my Cedar and Metal Fence?

Please see the information from the ARC attachment below.

ARC Fence Replacement